The Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association, Inc. was founded in 1988. The original charter and continuous members total 10 and are noted by the designation "CC" on our posted membership lists.

Today we have 39 voting members who are professional guides specializing in various types of fishing, with tarpon being the common bond for almost every member during the world famous Boca Grande tarpon season that exists from late April through July and sometimes into early August.

As most know, Boca Grande is known internationally for being the tarpon capital of the world. Our clients come from all walks of life and many places, both in the United States and from foreign countries. Also, our area has some of the finest shallow water inshore fishing and deep-sea offshore fishing to be found.

We are proud of our great natural resource. One of the foremost goals of the BGFGA is to preserve this fishery and see that it is protected and productive for future generations… future generations of guides, clients and enthusiasts.

Our association is very vocal pertaining to the issues regarding our industry and its protection. Not only do our individual members take the time to participate in programs such as the Marine Fisheries Commission Advisory Board, the Florida Marine Research Institute, several tagging programs and various other endeavors, the BGFGA is also actively involved in supporting such activities. As an organization we respond to state and federal governmental agencies as necessary to effectively voice our opinion.

The Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association, Inc. welcomes enthusiasts to our area. We wish you a great time filled with fond memories. We ask that you leave our paradise as you found it. A strict attention to following marine protection regulations and bag limits is expected. In addition, we ask that common sense conduct be the rule regarding boat operation, proper disposal of your trash, local ordinances, etc.

For your enjoyment, the BGFGA has expert professional guides that can add great fishing memories to your Boca Grande visit. Our members are experts in their field and hold all necessary regulatory licenses. We are proud of our ability to give you and your family the best in fishing. Take the time to call one of our knowledgeable members and make the most of your Boca Grande vacation.


Fifteen years ago, a small group of long-time local Boca Grande guides gathered to form the Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association (BGFGA). At the time, there were no pressing emergencies or issues that needed attention. Things were good, guides were busy and our world famous Boca Grande fisheries, including tarpon, inshore and offshore, were healthy.

However, there was the foresight by the founding local guides, including present president Cappy Joiner, to create a professional association on behalf of local charter fishing and for the protection of our natural resource against what may possibly come in the future. At the time, our last possible concern was the devastating decline in health of our world famous tarpon fishery that has taken place during the past decade.

The association has continually answered positively and graciously all local requests for help, support and financial contribution regarding issues, projects and worthwhile endeavors on Boca Grande. During the early 1990's, the association accomplished its largest hurdle at the time with the enduring campaign that resulted in the Fifth Street guide docks.

A common pickup dock for all guides to load and unload charter clients, although very necessary, was not easily accomplished. The project was long lasting and involved many people, both from the island and Lee County government. It appeared that the project would never come to completion, but the steadfast persistence by the guides association resulted in victory and the result has not only benefited BGFGA members and their clients, but also non-member guides who use the facility.

At the time, our membership had no idea that a much larger hurdle loomed in the distance. Who would ever think that the very fishery that had made Boca Grande world famous would shrink in health to what we have witnessed during the past few years? Although the subject has been a matter of deep concern for association members, most individuals and governmental agencies outside of the BGFGA have not seen the light until recently.

Finally, the realism of a once pristine natural resource that is now headed for total destruction is evident to most everyone and things are happening. There is no doubt that the aggressive effort by the Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association regarding the issue has been paramount in finally getting realistic recognition to the subject. Even with buy-in from most previous non-believers (including the press and resource regulatory agencies) the campaign is far from over or completed.

With this in mind, the Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association is dedicated to maintaining the pressure and communication necessary during 2009 to finally accomplish a reversal in the health of tarpon at Boca Grande through sensible regulation at the state level.


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The Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association, along with the Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce, are working towards better regulation of the fishery and Boca Grande Pass to help ensure the health and vitality of the fishery.

The Boca Grande Guides Association is working to produce legislation that PROHIBTS THE USE OF JIGS FOR TARPON FISHING IN BOCA GRANDE PASS.